Awful Library Books

As it turns out, I am not original and a lot of different sites are out there that try to capture their own little slice of awful. I was perusing a few when I found Awful Library Books, a gem of a blog that makes you think that maybe reading isn’t so essential after all.


A lot of posts on the blog are for books that are damaged beyond repair or outdated and boring, but plenty are too far into the realm of “why?!” to make up. Case in point: Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy: A child’s book about satanic ritual abuse.

Yeah, that’s a real thing. Bonus bad book: Uncle Willy’s Tickles: A Child’s Right to Say No, which apparently was so popular and not-weird-at-all that it got printed in a second edition! For other sentences I thought I’d never type, I guess one edition of Uncle Willy’s Tickles was just not enough.



Author: woatblog

Project for COMM 347 at Fredonia State. I have an extensive collection of bobbleheads.

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