The Awl: “Crash, Most loathsome Best Picture of them all”

Now that the 2016 Oscars are in the bag, it’s about 50 weeks until the next ones, and people are already making bets about what will and won’t be taking home gold in 2017. Among other things, people are always hoping that there won’t be a repeat of Crash, the quintessential lots-of-people-in-Los-Angeles-cross-paths-and-are-racist movie that won Best Picture in 2005 in what is now regarded as a pretty awful outcome. 

In case you don’t get it, he’s black and the other guy’s white, and there’s racism.

The above link will take you to a piece from The Awl, where every heavyhanded twist of fate the movie tries to pull over gets torn to bits. There’s a lot of quotes in there that ought to be on the DVD box  but I’ll leave it to you to figure out which ones are best. (My vote goes to (my favorite is “We must wage a constant battle against the sort of toxic, seeping, ideological diarrhea that is Crash.”)



Author: woatblog

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