“Ace’s High:” All Ace Frehley, all the time

I think we all know somebody who is in a KISS tribute band, full make-up regalia and all, but this article courtesy of Dangerous Minds might take the cake for the most original (or the least, depending on how you look at it).

Apparently in ye olden days of the 1990s, there roamed a tribute band called “Ace’s High,” which was made up of four Ace Frehley fanatics who also hated the rest of the band. They all take on different Ace personas right down to the most minute details, and only perform songs that are lucky enough to be made by Ace, or at least kind of sound like they could have been.

It might be a little uncharitable to suggest that these guys are the Worst of All Time, because I think that a level of geeky fandom this intense is actually kind of beautiful. There’s no way in hell anybody but these four guys thinks “KISS tribute band, but it’s only one of the guys four times” is anything but a joke, but to them it’s certainly not, and that’s admirable. Take a look at the video and see for yourself whether it’s all aces.


Author: woatblog

Project for COMM 347 at Fredonia State. I have an extensive collection of bobbleheads.

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