Ben Affleck’s Daredevil is still bad

Marvel fans have good reason to stay in bed and glue themselves to TV for the weekend, because Netflix’s Daredevil show is back for its second season. I haven’t been able to catch it myself, but with another high-profile superhero movie coming out soon starring Ben Affleck, particular attention should be paid to the first try at getting Daredevil right on-screen, and how it went oh so wrong.

This piece at Forbes is about a year old but just as relevant today. Among some of the bigger problems with the Affleck Daredevil were unfortunate studio re-writes and a script that was nonsense to begin with, but my favorite flaw is this inexplicably stupid fight scene at a playground between the film’s romantic leads:

Why would two adults fight each other at a playground? Who in their right mind would ever fight a blind guy? What’s thrilling about a see-saw? Why do these kids care about a lady trying to kick the shit out of a blind guy? Did this break up their marriage? “Who cares,” the movie says. There’s plenty more like this in the film, so if you want another reason to appreciate the Netflix show, take a gander at this relic.


Author: woatblog

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