The Room meets Hamilton

I have to confess that I haven’t seen or listened to the full cast recording of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, but I’m familiar enough with it to know that this video which mashes it up with Tommy Wiseau’s The Room is funny if you’re a fan of either.

I’m sure it’s a lot funnier if you are familiar with both, but from the Wiseau impersonation that leads it to the deliberately unpleasant pillow fighting, there’s plenty here to enjoy. The A.V. Club called it an “oddly malformed, mutated child” and they’re not wrong, but they also have some interesting insights into the similarities between Wiseau and Miranda which can almost be taken seriously:

Wiseau and Miranda both managed to give themselves career-defining roles with their respective efforts, and both found themselves attracting sizable cult followings, particularly on the internet. From that perspective, something like “Oh Hi Hamilton” makes sense—it almost seems inevitable, really.

Read their short piece here, and watch the video from the link above.


Author: woatblog

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