Get ready for summer with QWOP


Birds are singing, windows are open and sunshine is real again. If you’re like me, you probably pretend you’re going to finally use the good weather and the extra daylight to get back into your old fitness routine like you’ve been saying you would for months (or years…) If that seems a little too daunting, though, you have another option: be an Olympic runner from the comfort of your own computer.

QWOP has been around for ages, but I can always find new people to introduce it to every time I try. It’s a running simulator, and it is one of the most unplayable games of all time. I can’t pretend that I know what I’m doing in it, because I usually end up mashing buttons and doing a jerky crab-limp rather than actually performing like someone who is running–but that’s okay. At least, it’s okay until you get to the hurdles.

QWOP truly is a game that’s devoid of anything that makes games good–graphics, sensible controls, motivation, entertainment value–but I guarantee that if it’s your first time playing, you won’t give up easy. It’s something that has no right to be as hard as it is, but there you are, falling backwards and scoring negatives instead of taking one complete step. If nothing else, it’s great for a laugh. Just don’t sweat it too much when you helicopter onto your face.


Author: woatblog

Project for COMM 347 at Fredonia State. I have an extensive collection of bobbleheads.

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