The occasional rise and numerous falls of Adam Sandler

Because graphs are fun, I wanted to add a final piece to Hulk Hogan Week and make a chart of his movie ratings over the years. As it turns out, though, very little of his filmography has actually been seen enough to garner critical ratings (and it’s probably for the best, because the range would be 0 to 10%.) So I’ve decided to make a chart for someone different, often considered the patron saint of garbage movies: American funnyman Adam Sandler.

At the top of the list with an 86 is his cameo in Chris Rock’s Top Five, and my favorite director Paul Thomas Anderson’s Punch-Drunk Love follows at 79. From there, it’s not pretty. You can see in the 90s how he starts out very low and eventually works his way up to slightly higher fare, but there is no consistency here; it’s kind of remarkable how Sandler’s movies jump way up then crumble to the bottom almost like clockwork. The lowest, at a fine 0, is the recent Netflix exclusive The Ridiculous 6, which just came out, so maybe he has better stuff ahead of him if the trend continues.



Author: woatblog

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