Music Monday: Hulk Hogan and the Wrestling Boot Band “Hulk Rules”

For a while now on WOAT, I’ve wanted to do a whole week of themed content based around something that is awful enough to deserve it. And this semester, the universe smiled on me and gave me a Hulk Hogan sex tape lawsuit where he gave Gawker the Leg Drop to the tune of about $140 million. In honor of every terrible thing Hogan has done in this world, WOAT will be celebrating Hulk Hogan Week until next Monday! May Macho Man have mercy on your souls.

One of the more fascinating pieces of Hogan pop-culture ephemera is his cash-in album made in 1995 with a ragtag entourage called the Wrestling Boot Band. Long before John Cena would try to change the rap game forever, Hogan tried to change all music by stuffing his album full of an incoherent mix of styles united behind one theme: isn’t Hulk Hogan just the fucking best?!

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Music Monday: DJ Ötzi “Burger Dance”

Fast food is probably the essence of what I cover here at WOAT: it’s by all accounts terrible and bad for you, but you (okay, I) can’t help but stay away from it. The American obsession with fast food is well-documented sociologically and says a lot of interesting things about our culture, but I never would have imagined that a song about Pizza Hut would have gone to no. 1 in Germany.

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Music Monday: Lou Reed “Metal Machine Music”

Lou Reed, who would have turned 74 last week, has a discography that stands shoulder to shoulder with the best of the iconic solo-songwriters — The Velvet Underground’s debut  alone is one of the most influential records in any genre, but then he kept doing it for 50 years after. In the middle of the 1970s, his most prolific period, he put out one release that confounds listeners even to this day.

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Music Monday: Bruce Springsteen “57 Channels (And Nothing On)”

Since I was just a kid in high school, I have worshipped Bruce Springsteen. His catalog is extensive and, if you count bootlegs and special live versions, probably well above a thousand songs deep. I got to see my idol perform for over three hours again last week, so now I’d like to talk about one of the worst songs he ever wrote.

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Music Monday: Folk Sensation Bernie Sanders

Regardless of your politics, America can get behind on one thing for sure: we don’t really want to hear Bernie Sanders sing. President Obama might have a cool Al Green thing going on and W. Bush is a noted disciple of Pete Townshend, but every dirty pinko commie’s favorite septuagenarian senator doesn’t seem to have a voice that screams “give this man a record deal!”. But he’s 30 years ahead of all the barbs about gravel-throats and Brooklyn accents, because he put out an obscure folk record in the 1980s. It’s not available freely for streaming, but over at James Napoli’s Atavist blog there’s a great (and long) post about how the hell this happened in the first place.

For your listening pleasure, here’s a few snippets of it as well.


Music Monday: Kanye West “Drunk and Hot Girls”

Because I’m reliving my days of frenzied Kanye fandom lately (and because I’m still reeling from actually having heard The Life of Pablo — more on that later…) I’m going to stick with the world’s most famous “38-year old 8-year old” and take a look at one of his most despised songs.

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