Pastamania: another brilliant Hulk Hogan idea


Over the past couple posts, I’ve explored how Hulk Hogan has been an acclaimed wrestler, actor, rock star and American hero. But I can’t let Hulk Hogan Week conclude without a tribute to something I wish I’d made up, Pastamania.

In what must be simultaneously one of the laziest and the most incredulous celebrity cash-ins of all time, Hogan decided in 1995 that the time was ripe for him to take his unstoppable brand to the world of food. Regular restaurant cuisine would not do the trick, however — it had to be mall food, and it had to be pasta, because it did.

Despite his business savvy and pasta passion, the venture would end within a year of its start. Pastamania was just too pure for this world. And unfortunately, there hasn’t been a book-length oral history of Pastamania published as of yet, so the exact details of how and why (and under the suggestion of what substances) this came to be are still out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered by a generation of long-lost Pastamaniacs. We can dream, right?